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Beginner's Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: Introducing New Generation 9 Pokémon

Beginner’s Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: Introducing New Generation 9 Pokémon

When declaring each generation, there is always a debate among the beginners. What is the most popular? Least popular? In the end, we all know that basically according to the final evolution and our feelings, we choose our first Pokémon.

Why are we talking about this? It’s simple, in our 26 years of licensing, we’ve had the right to. ninth generation announcement And during the trailer, we were able to see a file jams that will be available. Admittedly, we don’t have the developments since the Crimson and Purple versions were just announced, but we can still get back to these little creatures with the little information we have.


Let’s start with the beginning Plant, which seems to be the most appreciated of the three. This plant cat Pokémon is capricious and loves to attract attention.


Size: 0.4 m

Weight: 4.1 kg

Type: vegetable

Talent: fertilizer


The second principle is type FKing And he has a rather funny face. Fire Croc Pokémon loves to go at their own pace and is completely calm. Although we have few details, it is not impossible that this Crocodile Pokemon is rather sluggish. Of course, this is an assumption and we will have to wait to find out more before drawing hasty conclusions.


Size: 0.4 m

Weight: 9.8 kg

Type: fire

Talent: Hell


Last but not least is suffocation water. This is a duck who wears a headdress. This pokemon is rather serious and careful. Given its appearance, we can expect its evolution to skew towards Police Pokémon in this new region, but of course, this is, again, just a guess.

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Tech 9 here. Pokémon Direct was a chance to reveal it in broad daylight and introduce its three new starters.