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Become an entrepreneur thanks to the honeymoon

Are you a fan of camping and motorcycling, and want to be able to combine your two passions? This is possible thanks to the Igoutte microcaravan, which can be towed behind a motorcycle, Spyder, light or even electric vehicle, an idea from Sylvie Lespérance, co-owner of the company. Sylvie, in 2015 you asked your wife to build a small trailer to put behind your Spyder.

“The idea came to us because we got married, bought a Spyder, and then wanted to spend our honeymoon in a Spyder. There, I asked Remy a small trailer to put behind the Spyder. We quickly realized there was none. So, I challenged him, and knowing he was capable, we went with that idea. From there, the mini-trailer, the first, was born in 2015, says Ms. L’Esperance.

In 2016, I decided to go into the business officially because it was quickly gaining popularity.

“I have to tell you, it wasn’t us who decided to go into business. Because we’re on Highway 170, people saw it, and they walked into the yard: ‘Wow, where did you get that?’. People said to us, ‘Uh, we want one.’ . That’s how it started, one thing leading to another,” she asserts.

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