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Beatriz Picard and Marie-José Longchamp in "Words Spoken"

Beatriz Picard and Marie-José Longchamp in “Words Spoken”

Béatrice Picard and Marie-Josée Longchamps revisit a hundred years of Quebec literature, poetry and songs in an original show “Béatrice et Marie-Josée en mots dits!” , which will be presented from August 25 to 28, at the Théâtre de Rougemont.

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Since they had so much in common, the two actresses first wanted to create a poetic show. “We go out regularly to the stage and realize that we often have the same liking for scripts,” Marie-José Longchamp explained in an interview. Our flair for sharing our passion for words has evolved, and along with our happy and sarcastic personalities, we have a lot of fun doing this show.”

Sing, play and enjoy texts by Pauline Julien, Gerald Godin, Anne Heber, Michel Tremblay, Clemence DeRochers, Luco Lucas, Josephine Bacon and Kim Tiwi will say, Beatrice Picard and Marie-José Longchamps.

“We had a lot of options at first, but we had to leave a lot on our side. We chose to exploit the theme of youth to old age. The texts we kept represent the Quebec language in all its forms and in all its diversity. We have all kinds of colors of the language and we are united.”

Composer and musician Jean-Jacques Bordeaux, who had already worked with Marie-José Longchamp on a previous project, set the music for the scripts that the two actresses would perform.

“He first composed a piece of music, and then he made bands that wear each composer. I think we will cause some surprises,” explained the actress. The musician will also be an integral part of the show on the stage.

Director Alain Zuffy also took an outside look at the way they deliver their scripts. “He used our personalities and our complicity to multiply the happiness of being together,” the Hawk Street star admits. Above all, he made sure the show wasn’t static, and he didn’t let us go until the last minute.”

This is the first time that Beatrice Picard, 92, and Marie-José Longchamp, 74, have participated in the stage. After the first four performances at the Rougemont Theatre, several dates are already on their schedule by the end of the year, and a tour is in the works for 2022.