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Be careful, using restore points may crash your applications

Microsoft’s operating system is the victim of a nasty bug that prevents some applications from working after restoring the system from a previous restore point. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is providing instructions on how to work around it.

Microsoft will be able to add a new line to the long list of bugs that have been listed in Windows 11. The latest affects users of all Windows 11 22H2 versions. After performing a system restore from a previous restore point, some applications refuse to launch. Aware of this problem, Microsoft has released Note About it on its support pages.

A problem with applications that use the MSIX format

This new bug in Windows 11, which is quite problematic, will affect all applications that use the MSIX package format. On its support page, Microsoft indicates that among the applications in question, Notepad, Paint, Office, Cortana, or Terminal will be directly affected by this damage.

A priori, anxiety can manifest itself in several ways. When you open an application, an error message saying “This application cannot be opened” may appear without starting the program. The application may also frequently appear in the Windows Start menu, and may not respond at all when you try to start it. It is also possible that the application starts crashing suddenly after being blocked for a few moments after an I/O error. However, the application affected by the error will continue to run after it is restarted.

Microsoft offers advice, but no solution

The Redmond company, which has not specified whether it will offer a fix, simply proposes some very basic manipulations to get around this nasty bug. So the company suggests trying to restart the respective apps, reinstalling them from the Windows Store or from their original source, or checking if your operating system is up to date by running Windows Update. A commonsense tip that users will no doubt already try without waiting for Microsoft to tell them.

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