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Battlefield 2042 introduces new specialists, learn from beta

Battlefield 2042 introduces new specialists, learn from beta

EA has unveiled new Battlefield 2042 video specialists. We can discover a few uninspiring characters with awesome powers: one of them has hacking abilities that allow him to hack items and scenery items, while the other can withstand blasts and explosions for a longer time. Bullets through tactical armor. For its part, the French specialist has a winged suit and “smart” grenades with rocket heads. The Korean agent, probably my favorite, is able to automatically identify which enemies are shooting at him and has a scanner that makes the opponents hiding around him visible. Yes, well you can call it a Wallhack if you want, but it’s not a cheat, It’s an advantage ! The last character is a weird mix between support and paramedic, which isn’t really that interesting… so we’ll pretend nothing happened and ignore it.

At the same time, developers published long article To explain what they learned from the disappointing open beta. There is of course a lot damage controlBut we’re also learning some information about what the game will really offer when it’s released. For example, the developers explained that a lot of optimization work has been done and that the performance will be much better than that of the beta version. From a gameplay point of view, a full-screen map view should appear, along with new rumors, which you can Look here in the video. In line with the latter, the ping did not work during the beta version and will of course be improved upon. We also learn that the HUD will be reworked to be more readable and practical (watching video) and that the “additional system” that allows switching weapons on the fly will be deeper than during the beta version, such as We can see it here. These are just a few examples, and there are still a lot of different and varied details and fixes that I’ll let you discover on your own. In the official article. However, I can’t help but share this exact point with you:

We’ve also heard your feedback about the power of Shooter Assist in controllers. She showed us that it was very weak, so we worked on improving this experience.

Ah ah!

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In conclusion, this is the result of the survey on our website The penultimate article on Battlefield 2042To which more than 1,500 people responded:

In other words, 67% of nofrrages who tested the Battlefield 2042 beta were disappointed…it stings! Remember that Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19th on OriginAnd steam And Epic game store for 60 euros.