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Bars are asking for extended help

Bars are asking for extended help

Bar owners, who want to cancel existing health procedures with the arrival of the vaccination pass, request an extension of the regional financial assistance program otherwise.

The Foundation for Owners of Bars, Pubs and Pubs of Quebec (CPBBTQ) has sent an application to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, again headed by Pierre Fitzgibbon.

“With the entry of the Vaccination Passport allowing only twice-vaccinated people to enter the institutions, we had hoped that existing health measures would be rescinded, which is not the case,” the chairman wrote. Jean-Jacques Beauchamp.

According to the foundation, the vaccination passport will prevent further closure of businesses, but it will also have a negative impact on attendance.

“Any further reduction in our sales, no matter how small, will be financially difficult for all institutions. Suddenly ending financial assistance is tantamount to driving hundreds of institutions into bankruptcy,” adds Mr. Beauchamp.

With the immunization passport in force, bar owners, in particular, are questioning the need to maintain restrictions on reception capacity, the obligation of customers to stay on their premises as well as the sale of alcohol that must stop at 1am.

If these restrictions are extended beyond September 30, the CBBBTQ requests an extension of the Regional Financial Assistance Program.

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