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Bao: full of activities for science festival

Bao: full of activities for science festival

Fête de la Science celebrates its 30th anniversary on Saturday 16 October in Clemenceau Square.

Festive and innovative, this is promised by the research laboratories and societies of scientific culture who prepared the 30th edition of the Science Festival, on October 16, coordinated in Pau by Lac Odyssey.

Put Clemenceau at the heart of the system

The appointment is first set at Place Clemenceau, which will be from 11am to 6pm. It transforms into a science village (all public, with mask and health card).

UPPA researchers will address microorganisms, solar energy and energy transformation, earthquakes, metal chemistry, plastic recycling, and archaeology.

Societies of scientific culture will discuss the machines and techniques of the Tour de la Monnaie in the time of Henri IV, the dangers of flooding in the territory, the scientists we must all remember, the birth of the Pyrenees, the solar system or the little monsters that inhabit our gardens.

Finally, their Ecocene Association will present the Mobile Energy House, an educational truck that presents and explains energy from different angles. Francas 64 introduces thematic modes through a family game, puzzles invite you to explore the stands, and the path decision rewards you with the official Fête de la science book Science in Bubbles.

Scientific tours with the castle

This year, the Château de Pau joins the partners of the Fête de la science, to discover its immediate environment through the prism of science, with a walk from the castle at 3pm around the biodiversity of the Royal Garden (max 20 people) and at 4pm to discover the architecture of the castle (20 person maximum).

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Two more science walks are presented from Place Clemenceau at 4pm around the stones in town…their origin, with Géolval (15 people max) and 4pm and 5pm, Journey through the Solar System, with Germea (12 people max).