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Balance Ta Startup Luxembourg: a talking space for employees

Balance Ta Startup Luxembourg: a talking space for employees

The main objective of this account is to create a space for workers in Luxembourg to speak, “Because ping-pong is great, but labor law is better” reads the vital profile description. So the idea is to expose the illegal and abusive practices of Luxembourg companies, but also to reveal those where it is a good idea to work.

The testimonies collected are mainly used to denounce abusive behavior in the workplace, such as moral harassment or sexual or racist remarks, among others. Everyone is free to contact the author of the page by private message to share their testimonial – positive or negative – or legal advice. In order to confirm the authenticity of the certificates, proof of affiliation with the said company is required.

The presence of this account is also necessary to make employees aware of Luxembourgish legislation related to labor law. For this reason, the author of this account seeks to partner with lawyers or human resources professionals to advance workers’ rights in the Grand Duchy.

Currently, testimonials are coming in gradually via comments and private messages: 21 testimonials have been received since the account was opened, and they were mentioned in the story the day before. Please note that testimonials remain anonymous.

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