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Balaili and Balqibla are interesting but they were defeated against OM

Balaili and Balqibla are interesting but they were defeated against OM

Tonight, at the end of the 15th day of the Uber Eats first division, Stade Brestois welcomed Haris Belkebla and Youcef Belaïli to Olympique de Marseille.

Whoever said the celebration match definitely says a great performance from Youssef Belali. Orani’s team, who have just had a difficult few weeks with Brest, are well prepared to welcome OM, a club he could have joined last winter.

Along with his teammate and compatriot Haris Bekbella, Blailey appeared in the starting line-up, but this time, as a left winger (in the 4-4-2 flat) and not No. 10. This position, which is also in his selection, is the one he loves the most but His lack of physical condition prevented him from occupying in recent weeks.

Thus, against Marseille, the two Algerians showed an interesting face. For Blakbla, it is above all by combing and holding the ball that it is not easy for a Marseille team that, usually, largely dominates its opponent in terms of possession. Against very good players, such as Matteo Guendouzi, Boubacar Kamara or Gerson, Belkebla was not only able to resist but also served as a springboard for his team.

In the meantime, my bale showed two faces. He was very slow in the first period, but doubled the caviar for his teammates, whether with a good look, a peek, off his foot he has the secret or by clever receipt. However, Blailey had a strong tendency to win and possess the ball exclusively at the feet, perhaps evidence that he still digested the heavy physical preparation imposed on him upon his arrival in France.

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But in the second half, the former ES Tunis player played more legs. And so we saw him cite facing Paul Lerola, in great difficulty at this meeting, and make a show of his artistic gestures. He also held onto his prospects before he began, quite logically, to deteriorate physically. This justified his exit in the 65th minute of play.

Therefore, the good performance of the two internationals with Brest, who was finally defeated by a strong team of OM (1-4). Good omen two weeks before the double duel against Cameroon?