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Baggage crisis: Montreal-Trudeau may 'ditch flights this summer'

Baggage crisis: Montreal-Trudeau may ‘ditch flights this summer’

The CEO of Montreal Trudeau Airport, Philippe Renville, is considering the option of canceling several flights during the summer to try to correct several problems with suitcases.

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“I will tell you that we are seriously looking into reducing the offer of travel. Perhaps for a while, we will have to give up some flights and cancel destinations during the summer,” explains Mr. Renville.

Customer experience, which has been significantly affected since the resumption of travel, is forcing leaders to consider the question.

“This is not a situation unique to Montreal, the entire airport system which includes government agencies and airlines, everyone is involved in the problem of quick returns after shortages,” the CEO says.

While working at TVA Nouvelles, Mr. Rainville explained that despite this highly complex issue, his team should have done a better job of improving the traveler experience.

“It’s not easy, we have planes coming from Europe and they don’t have bags,” he explains. “Baggage arrives the next day and we have to ensure that the bags of those who were connected will receive their equipment within a reasonable time, but we also have our drawbacks in this context of labor shortage.”

Watch his interview in the video above.

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