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La chirurgie du dos désormais pratiquée en Eure-et-Loir

Back surgery is now practiced at Eure-et-Loir

Eure-et-Loir suffers more than ever from a growing shortage of doctors and practitioners in the health sector. But this time, at the private Eure-et-Loir Hospital, a doctor settled in and soon two settled in to offer the residents a new health specialty: spine surgery. This is even more important because France has few practitioners in this specialty and almost all clinics are looking for them.

“I tell them it’s normal”

The first operation took place in early July and went very well, according to Dr. Clemens Heeberger Miblom, 37, the first practitioner to arrive at the former Mainvilliers clinic, which has been run by the Ilsan Group since 2017. It will soon be joined in the private sector. Hospitalized by her husband, Doctor Jean Miblom, the son of two radiologists from Châteaudun.
So far, all patients with diseases associated with this specialty have been forced to go to Le Mans (Sarthe), Tours (Indre-et-Loire) or the Paris region.

They discover the operating room in their pajamas

Clemence Heberger Meblom, originally from Evelyn, has been practicing since 2017 in Val d’Oise, in a private practice. “We wanted to settle between Chateaudun and Versailles,” she explains.

In the collective imagination, spine surgery may seem risky. Clémence Heyberger-Meyblum confirms this photo of Épinal. “I realize that when people have just had surgery and wake up after the operation, they are amazed at their ability to move their legs?! I tell them it’s normal, it happens after 99.9999999% of shaft operations,” smiles Clemens Heeberger-Meplum.

Wild strawberries: beware, danger!

“People read anything on the internet and scare themselves for nothing. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. Because spine surgery is often scary, people who need it wait years and years before having it, and sometimes it’s too late to be effective.”

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Often these are osteoarthritis problems that put pressure on the nerves in the back. When the problem of osteoporosis is too advanced, they can no longer walk well. No matter the amount of surgery, the nerves do not recover. »

Spinal diseases are very common. But, according to Dr. Clemens Heeberger Miblom, “When I receive about twenty patients a day, I will, on average, perform a surgery for two.”

Francois Feuyot