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Back on TV, Linda Mallow looks back at her audition for The Pearls

At a high school in Laval, we went to meet a film crew beads, a new original series from Club illico. We discover a cast of passionate truth tellers who tell the story of Stephanie, a North Shore mom, and her jewelry from her daughters, Lawrence and Juliette.

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With joy and surprise Linda Mallow was offered the role of Esther, the director of the only bank in Nordet and the wife of a powerful businessman in the region.

After the first successful experience of the actress, who has been rare in front of the camera in recent years, she has had a poignant experience. “Who is giving me a nod to the second Test? Lovely and generous Bianca Gervais in person! She was so caring and encouraging that things fell into place for me. I really felt supported!” she says with tears in her eyes.

Photo: Patrick Seguin

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