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Awkward interaction between Connor McDavid and fans

Awkward interaction between Connor McDavid and fans

Entering sports stars' personal space is not the best way to interact with them, and Connor McDavid learned that the hard way after Sunday night's game in Edmonton.

A video showing a group of fans screaming at the Oilers captain has gone viral on social media in recent days. McDavid was seen with his fiancée stopping at a store to buy alcohol.

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While trying to load his cargo into the trunk of his car, Ontarian is attacked by those fans who thank him for leading the team to the Stanley Cup Final. But one of the men is free to sit inside the car.

Instead, the person filming the scene takes the opportunity to touch McDavid and force him into a hug. The hockey player didn't seem to respond or care about the group.

In short, this is an example that should not be followed, despite the very friendly intentions in this case.

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