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Avril Lavigne spotted with famous rapper OnlyFans

Several US gossip sites have reported that Avril Lavigne, the pop punk singer responsible for promoting the tie/shirt look, is very close to rapper Tyga.

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According to TMZ, the duo was recently spotted leaving fancy restaurant Nobu in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, the musicians hugged each other, as if to say goodbye, but then got into the same car and drove off together.

France Press agency

Sources close to Lavigne told TMZ that she’s been spending a great deal of time with Tyga, who at one point had one of the most popular accounts on Instagram.

Until recently, Avril Lavigne was engaged to musician Mod Sun, but according to Page sixthe couple could have ended up in the past months.

As for him, Tyga was already in the spotlight for being in a relationship with Kylie Jenner until 2017.

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