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Avalanche Studio is working on a new license as well as Contraband

After it becomes clear on the epic Just a reasonAnd Avalanche Studios He obviously wanted to change the scene and last year announced to us a development contraband, an Xbox exclusive that we still know little about, except that it will focus on cooperative play. But that’s clearly not the only new license in the studio’s boxes.

Full of projects in the pipeline?

The information comes to us from Paul Rosczynski, Which is game designer Inside Avalanche Studios, who posted a tweet (spotted by colleagues from XboxSquad) Highlighting the new studio buildings in Liverpool. Then specify in response to another tweet that The studio is working fine on another new license as well contraband :

« We are working on another new license that has not yet been announced. There are more projects under development in Avalanche than people think! »

This response not only tells us that a new license, apparently in the works since last year, is about to be revealed in 2022, but also Other ongoing projects at Avalanche Studios. We’ll let you guess who these games are, but it’s not impossible that it’s a new game Just a reason Or at least it’s under discussion, unless the studio really decides to put the series aside.