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Avalanche hazards: call for caution

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Avalanche hazards: call for caution

Update 01/08/2022

January 8 press release

Snow disturbance is occurring on the Haut-Rhin reliefs and should continue throughout the weekend. This disturbance will cause snow to fall on the Vosges Mountains.

This new snowfall, associated with the already existing snowpack, may lead to snow flows, especially on steep slopes.

Louis Luger, Dean of Haut-RhinEveryone is encouraged to be careful when doing mountain activities.

Before any outing, it is recommended to check with specialists in the mountains, determine your route and be equipped (shovel, probe, avalanche victim detector, etc.).

The governor asks everyone to respect the signs placed in place. Only open slopes are secured and controlled. You should not take a closed path.

These disturbances may make it difficult to travel at altitudes. Under these circumstances, everyone is requested to exercise extreme caution when traveling. The governor remembers that special equipment dutyIn the municipalities of the Vosges mountains

Road managers are fully mobilized to ensure the feasibility of traffic hubs.

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