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Autonomous vehicles will become legal in the UK this year

Autonomous vehicles will become legal in the UK this year

The British government has announced Autonomous vehicles Level 3 will be allowed on country roads later this year. However, the Ministry of Transport (TFT) has defined the operating conditions for automated lanes (ALKS).

In fact, the TFT allows the use of limited autonomous driving modes for single-lane driving and is limited to 60 km / h (37 mph). Thus, having their hands on the wheel is no longer mandatory for the driver. However, he must be vigilant to regain control if necessary. This means that while riding he will not be able to watch the latest TV show or play their favorite sport.

United Kingdom: Autonomous car revolution revolution

During epidemics, an increase in work from home helped reduce travel. This event It has stored about 700,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. However, traffic jams have already begun to return to major cities.

In a press release, DFT notes how it is progressing Autonomous driving technologies trigger the beginning of the end of urban congestion. This indicates that traffic lights and vehicles are interacting with each other:

  • Regulate traffic,
  • Reducing emissions
  • And improve air quality

UK Transport Minister Rachel McLean believes the law represents an important step towards the safe use of autonomous vehicles in the UK. In addition, he says this is a move Makes future journeys greener, easier and more reliable. The latter It also helps the country to develop itself better.

Autonomous car

In fact, autonomous vehicles make it possible Stimulates the economy while promoting sustainability. About 38,000 new jobs are expected in the UK as autonomous vehicles are used. It is within the framework of an industry valued at 48 billion by 2035. More than 80% of these positions are about liberal, technical and competent professions.

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Autonomous Vehicles: At the forefront of road safety

SMMT’s Mike Haves said the automotive industry welcomes this essential milestone. He believes this is the result Take Britain to the next level in road safety and vehicle technology.

In fact, automatic driving systems have powerPrevent 47,000 serious accidents and save 3,900 lives over the next decade. They have the potential to reduce the main cause of traffic accidents: human error. In addition, the latter causes more than 85% of accidents.

Despite this fact, it was found in a recent study by Vanaramar 73% of people in the UK will not feel safe in a driverless car by 2021. One-third would “never trust” a driverless car. In addition, 79% of citizens believe they will respond to danger faster than a car.

This confidence is expected to improve when the road safety benefits become clear.