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Automatic slow motion production

Automatic slow motion production

Building new cars was slow and car dealer prices had been empty for several weeks.

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“This is something I’ve never seen myself before, and I’m 36 in the field. It’s something really unique,” said Pierre Tremblay, President of JD Jeep Ram.

Car manufacturers are struggling to get hold of electronic chips called semiconductors, sometimes found in dozens of cars. Consider reversing cameras or blind spot warning devices, for example. The result: auto dealers’ stocks are then affected.

“The problem is definitely, right now, with our trucks in particular. Because, normally, I’d have 80 to 100 RAM, right in the yard, right now. I should have two, right there, as we talk,” explains the chief.

“By now, we should have twice the stock you see here. Les manufacturiers, à ce moment-là, puisqu’ils ont moins accès à ces semi-conducteurs, chez Hyundai, on privilégie la commande qui est vendue, pour assurer au client qui s’est déjà commis sur une voiture de pouvoir l’avoir more quickly “Inventories will remain low, but customers who buy will get service first,” said François Rondi, general manager of sales at Lesard Hyundai.

This phenomenon is global. Vehicles that reach dealerships are often already sold out. We even protect the protesters.

“It’s a Tucson hybrid, and it’s a very popular model. I have one in my hand that I’m not going to sell, I can’t sell it. If I want to make sure a customer can at least try, feel, and ‘feel’ driving that car and justify the purchase, I’m going to have to keep these The car because I don’t know when. “I’ll get another one,” says François Rondy.

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This anxiety is constant and permanent, but it will not last forever. You know, COVID has a wide back, in many cases. Yes, there was a slowdown on the part of manufacturers for a while, so semiconductor suppliers stopped,” recalls Robert Boetti of CCAQ.

This slowdown will have no impact on the cost of vehicles, according to the CCAQ. The rate of semiconductor production should resume normally in the fall.