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Autism and the specialist: Kibecourt donates $1 million to Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune

Autism and the specialist: Kibecourt donates $1 million to Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune

Since people with autism in adulthood are no longer entitled to services, the Autist & Major Foundation, founded a year ago by actors Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune, is working to open day centers. To maintain their skills and help them integrate into society.

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The first of these day centers adapted to the needs of people with autism aged 21 and over will be established at the new Giant Steps School, which should be built by 2023 in Shop Angus, Montreal.

Joël Lemay / QMI . Agency

Joël Lemay / QMI . Agency

To carry out its tasks, the Artists Foundation needs the support of companies and other charitable organizations. Quebecor, led by its President and CEO, Pierre-Carl Bellado, on Friday announced a $1 million donation to the Autist & Major Foundation.

The couple, consisting of Pierre-Carl Pillado and Pascal Bourbeau, had ties to the Bregne Laforton family. This is how they were informed of the reason.

“Sophie and Charles could have made their own business, but we know them as a man and a woman who invest in the community, and in the community, and through this generosity, they are able to share closely with all those who live the same experiences,” explains Pierre-Carl Pillado.

“This money means we can start projects more quickly. It’s a million dollars over five years, and that gives some kind of guarantee every year,” Sophie Pregent said in an interview on the sidelines of the announcement at Dock619, in Longueuil, that we’re actually, our general manager is already up and running. with public health.

Joël Lemay / QMI . Agency

Sophie Prejen and Charles Laforton know what they’re talking about as parents of Matisse, who has nonverbal autism and will soon turn 20.

“The big question is, what do you do when you’re 21 with autism and wake up in the morning?” “Continuous learning, sustaining accomplishments, and the centers of the day that we want to create will be at the intersection of many things,” said Charles Laforton, who wants to be deployed to several areas over the next few years.

“Work integration, training, for both people with autism and for companies that say ‘I’d like to have it, with a lack of jobs, how do I do that, I don’t know what to do?'” he adds. “”.

After Montreal, you should follow Quebec, then most of the major centers in every corner of the province. Thus, in addition to the services provided to adults with autism, families will be able to have a respite.

Joël Lemay / QMI . Agency

The Foundation works closely with the Ministry of Health.

“It’s what I see as new,” says Sophie Prejen. Pierre-Carl Bellado and Lionel Carmant at the same press conference saying, ‘It’s great, we’ll work together,’ I just wanted to say ‘Okay finally! “He will be there, we will have a wonderful partnership.”

“We had the ability to work together from the beginning, and there we will be able to meet the needs in a more specific way,” stressed the Minister of Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, who took part in the announcement. “We will ensure that in every project they plan to develop, the Ministry of Health will provide the required services and the needed professionals.”

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For Pierre Carl Belladow, entrepreneurs and companies must contribute to society, a value passed on to him by his father, Pierre Belladow. It encourages more companies to embrace the important causes that make a difference.

“A company is a social unit, and as a social unit it must also operate on a larger scale than being pure and simple, for its shareholders. There are citizens, community, community and environment, which is why companies invest in the fight against greenhouse gases, invest socially and at a social level and economics so that we can participate in the process.” “Collective enrichment and improvement of the well – said Mr. Pillado.