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Author of the four volumes of L’univers Gulliver: Novelist Lily Gulliver dies

Novelist Lily Gulliver, whose real name is Diane Boissonault, died Sunday evening in Charlevoix, the district where she was adopted. She was 68 years old.

VLB Publisher confirmed the information to QMI on Monday, saying she had passed away after a long battle with cancer.

A former journalist for La Presse, CKAC and CIBL as well as a columnist for various magazines, including “Clin d’œil” and “Elle Québec”, Ms. Boissonneault studied literature, music, photography and screenwriting. She was also a singer.

In the early 1990s, “sexplorer” and “Pink warrior” respectively published the four volumes of L’univers Gulliver (Paris, Greece, Bangkok, Australia), with publisher VLB, “novels of irreverent humor read by thousands of readers.

She also wrote six other novels, including “L’orgasme en apesanteur”, “Les cocktails concoctées moi mes amants”, and “La perfide temptress”.

Diane LaBerge, who knew her well, spoke on Monday of the “high-flying feather of Lily Gulliver” who “explored[é] With humor, the many facets of eroticism and the eternal pursuit of pleasure.

For her part, author Christine Michaud specified: “I will keep in my heart the beautiful memory of a laughing, funny, warm, welcoming and strong woman, who was able to share with such generosity a journey full of courage. She will be one of those special people who will leave an unforgettable memory of determination and joy of life.”

In 1995, Diane Boissonneault founded a dating agency which she had run for three years. She has also staged a show of profane and pompous songs called “Lili et les libertines” and has been, for the past 20 years, the author and one of the performers of the musical “J’aime les hommes”.

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Note that Diane Boissonneault was also invited to the sets of the shows “Claire Lamarche”, “Éros et compagnie”, “Sexe et Confidences”, “Liza”, “The End of the World at Seven”, “Bla bla bla “and also broadcast in France, where it spread his works too.

She is survived by her son Félix, her sister Marie-France Rose, her mother Clémence Mondo and her husband Roger Lebel.