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Author Claude Jasmine dies at the age of 90

Author Claude Jasmine dies at the age of 90

Claude Jasmine passed away at night from Wednesday to Thursday at St. Jerome Hospital, who was suffering from a sore blood and a fall.

He was born on November 10, 1930 in Montreal, in the Villeraie region, whom he lovingly portrayed in a novel that was turned into a television series. No petit buttery, It was broadcast on Radio Canada from 1974 to 1976, then in an autobiographical novel Villerai baby In 2000.

He was also the one who wrote the screenplays for the series. Dominic, It was broadcast on TVA in the late 1970s, and Boogie Woogie 47 as such SubwayProfessionDodo Radio Canada in the early 1980’s.

Jean Broseau and Louise Remy, in the series “Boogie-woogie 47” by Claude Jasmine

Photo: Radio Canada / André Le Cuse

Before working on Radio Canada’s youth programs as a scenography and decorator from 1956, Claude Jasmine began his artistic career as an actor, designer, and bridal for the Roulotte of Paul Buissonneau, founder of Théâtre de Quat ‘Under. This children’s theater crisscrosses Montreal’s parks.

Multiple award winner

In 1958 Claude Jasmine published his first novel, And then everything is silent. After that he wrote The rope around the neckAnd the Ethel and the terrorist Especially, Don’t cry, Germaine. This book was written entirely in Joules – like a disdain for supporters good talk, Which the author has linked to An insecure culture It made an impression upon its publication in 1965.

In all, he has published about fifty books, including the thriller series which starred Inspector Aslin. These detective stories take place in the heart of Montreal’s Outremont district, where the novelist set up his home.

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He has also won numerous literary prizes, including those of Quebec, Paris, France and Canada The Sabliere It appeared in 1979. This novel became the film in the year 1984 MarioWritten by Jean Bowden and starring Francis Reddy.

In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious Athanase-David Prize, awarded every year by the Quebec government.

In his acceptance speech, he said the house he grew up in was filled with only two books: The Phone Book and Records of Saint Joseph’s Chapel. He said: I understand that it is not at home that I took the morsels to write. I wanted to tell all the little girls and all the little boys […] Those in a more than humble environment […] There is a way out.

Literary critic Task Thus Louis Cornellier in 2003 summed up the characteristics of this The feisty and populist novelist A sense of neighborhood life, the charm of those around you, the human depth and mystery of each person, the art of storytelling and a firm belief in writing.


During his life, Claude Jasmine was a playwright, potter, actor, critic, watercolor painter, painter and professor of art history, but also a columnist for radio and television.

He also signed with his son Daniel a series of 25 articles in the journal The hurryAnd the Jasmine, father of the sons, an experience he later resumed with his grandson David, in the summer of 1999.

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Claude Jasmine is also distinguished as an argumentative. I, I love chicane, dialogue. I am a man of quarrels. So criticism and controversy I love, Advertise in The Task In 1965.

Pierre Paquette hands over a microphone to a smiling Claude Jasmine.

Claude Jasmine on the microphone of broadcaster Pierre Paquette

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Pierre Karsenty

He was a staunch supporter of Quebec independence, and was awarded the Ludger-Duvernay Prize from the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal in 1980 for All done.

Claude Jasmine has retired from Radio Canada since 1985, and posted a blog on his website from 2002 to 2017, mixing his novel pen with a handbook writer.

He was survived by his two sons, Elian and Daniel, who were born out of his union with radio actress Louise Charliebo, who passed away in 1983.