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Australia's prime minister wants indigenous peoples in the constitution

Australia’s prime minister wants indigenous peoples in the constitution

Speaking at an Aboriginal festival in Arnhem Land, home to a majority of Aboriginal people, the centre-left leader presented a draft referendum question to the Australian public: Do you support a constitutional amendment to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a voice?

The Australian Constitution does not formally recognize the country’s indigenous peoples. Mr. Albanese’s proposal A voiceThat is, a national referendum is required for an advisory body to advise the government on decisions affecting these marginalized groups.

Mr Albanese – who was elected in May – had promised a referendum before the end of his mandate in 2025.

He also pledged his support on Saturday A statement from the heartIt calls for enhanced rights and constitutional recognition of the country’s indigenous peoples.

For Anthony Albanese, the announcement is purposeful Consult people [autochtones] And decisions affecting Torres Strait Islanders, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s simple respect. This is common moralityhe added.

She recognizes the failure of centuries […] To ask the most basic human question: How would I feel if this happened to me? »

A quote Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia

Australia has long struggled to close the growing gap between members of its Indigenous population and the rest of the population when it comes to health and well-being.

These minorities have rising rates of incarceration and life expectancy eight years below the national average.

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