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Australia's energy level |  Knowledge of energies

Australia’s energy level | Knowledge of energies

Whereas Western nations are seeking alternative resources to Russian gasIt should be remembered that Australia is the largest exporter in the world Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)(1). The country is almost 12 times larger in area than France, and is the world’s leading coal exporter (in energy, 2And Weight after Indonesia).

In the English study below, US EIA (Energy Information Management) Presents important key points regarding the energy situation in Australia. Fossil fuels contribute about 90% of the country’s primary energy consumption and more than 80% of its electricity generation.

The importance of coal in the Australian energy landscape has attracted a lot of criticism, especially due to the significant greenhouse gas emissions associated with its combustion. Although coal consumption in the electricity sector fell by 16% between 2016 and 2020, this energy still accounts for almost 54% of Australian electricity generation in 2020 (compared to 63% in 2015).

Solar energy, rather than wind power (8%) and hydropower, has become a policy renewable sector that produces electricity in the country (almost 9% of the Australian electricity mix). Australia does not have a nuclear reactor, but it should be noted that this country has the largest uranium reserves in the world (and is the second largest producer after Kazakhstan).

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