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Australians seeking return from India risk imprisonment: "A defamatory decision"

Australians seeking return from India risk imprisonment: “A defamatory decision”

The Australian government announced on Friday evening that its nationals wishing to return from India could face up to five years in prison. This will be the first time “Australia forbids repatriation of its own citizens” Underlines the country’s press.

Scott Morrison’s Conservative government is on fire in Australia. According to Guardian Australia, On the evening of April 30, Cranberry announced a travel ban affecting Australians returning from India: they could face fines of up to A $ 66,600 (approximately ,000 42,000) and up to five years in prison.

The move is set to officially take effect on Monday, May 3, for the first time “Australia forbids repatriation of its own citizens” Daily Highlights.

As stated in it Guardian Australia, Elaine Pearson, director of the country’s human rights watchdog, told Australians “Right to return to their home country”:

Any limitation of this right for public health reasons must be justified and proportionate. The government should look for ways to safely isolate Australians returning from India, instead of threatening severe imprisonment and punishment, for people trying to return home in the face of severe crises. This is a slanderous decision. ”

Australian Finance Minister Josh Friedenberg However explained to the Australian site ABC News Prohibiting Australians from returning from India a “Severe” Designed “To keep Australians safe.”

As stated in it Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Medical Association and several epidemiologists consider this decision “Controversial” The federal government took action because of the isolated system in Australia “does not work”.

The government no longer believes in its isolated system

The daily ban on Australians returning from India is evidence that the federal government does not trust this isolated system.

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About 9,000 Australian citizens are stranded in India “And left to their own devices”, Bring it back BBC. The British media recalls that Australia was one of the first countries to close its borders in March 2020, banning all its citizens, residents, exempt people and travelers from New Zealand from October 2020 onwards.

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