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Australian Aborigines and the Legend of the Seven Sisters Exhibition

You can now visit Australia without leaving Paris, thanks to the exhibition “Lyrics” or Songs of the Australian Aborigines. To discover their world, you must immerse yourself in a desert setting and one of the country’s most popular legends, the legend of the Seven Sisters.

The fate of the seven sisters pursued by a witch is the story of a mythical Australian tribal legend recounted in “song lines”. Exhibition at Quai Branly Museum
. This common thread takes the viewer to the most desolate lands and clear starry skies. It’s enough to completely immerse yourself on the other side of the world in Oceania, all in poetry. Dazzling canvases using the pointillism technique are displayed on the walls and express the vibrancy of the region according to the adivasis.

Love, adventure and fear

For Stéphanie Leclerc-Caffarel, the exhibition’s science expert, it is “as fundamental as all knowledge. Tribes, in stories. The elders of the community have chosen an epic full of twists and turns: love, adventure, a little fear.” And the masterpiece of the exhibition is also a poster, ct is a large canvas created by several tribes. 2013. According to the story of seven sisters, heroines of work, a kind of sacred land located in Western Australia. There are several color paintings depicting an aerial view, where women are turned to stone.

An exhibit is available from 9 euros until July 2, enough time to enjoy it several times.