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Australia will ensure there is no Chinese military base in the Solomons, the Prime Minister has confirmed

Australia will ensure there is no Chinese military base in the Solomons, the Prime Minister has confirmed

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement on Sunday that Australia would work with its allies to ensure that China does not set up a military base in the Solomon Islands, which has a security agreement with Beijing.

The Solomon Islands’ signing of a security agreement with China last month has raised concerns from Australia, its traditional ally and the United States. Canberra and Washington fear that the deal will allow Beijing to establish a military presence on the archipelago 2,000 km from Australia.

The deal has become the subject of controversy in the run-up to Australia’s May 21 election campaign.

Scott Morrison has been criticized for failing to prevent the agreement from being signed, in a region where Australia has traditionally been a major influence.

During a televised debate against the Tory prime minister, Labor opposition leader Anthony Albanese called for a “security pact” with China.Massive foreign policy failure“.

Scott Morrison, for his part, insisted that establishing a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would be a “god.”Red line“.”Australia will work with its partners to prevent such consequences.“, He promised. However he said he would beIrrationalTo engage in speculation as to what action Australia might take to prevent the establishment of a Chinese military base in the archipelago.

The Solomon Islands government itself has made it very clear to us that it does not seek or support itHe said the presence of the Chinese military should be established. “It is not in their national interest to be like that“, He continued.

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Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne said this during a meeting with her Solomon Islands representative Jeremiah Manuel in Brisbane on Friday.Deep concern“From Australia”About the security agreement with China and its lack of transparency“.

For his part, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Chowdhury said no in parliament on Tuesday.No need to worry about security contract and regret “Lack of hope” from other countries.

Without quoting Australia, Manasseh Chowkwere said there was a “risk of military intervention” by countries that consider their interests in the Solomons to be dangerous.

In other words (…) we are threatened with invasion, which is serious, The Prime Minister continued. “We are treated like kindergartens walking with the Golds 45s in our hands, so be careful,” he added.