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Australia uses vital resources

Australia uses vital resources

The plague of rats in storage barns, fields, and houses destroyed the cultures of New South Wales for weeks. State officials have lifted a ban on a poison to combat this “Natural Disaster”.

In the absence of the flutist, there is poison in Australia. On Thursday, May 20, the Minister of Agriculture of New South Wales (southeast of the island) stated that he had A request‘Emergency Recognition’ As part of a $ 50 million program to help regions, the Australian National Agency for Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines wants to use a toxin called promadiolone on farms. ”

“It’s like wiping out rats in rural New South Wales.” Adam Marshall was quoted as saying ABC Australia.

For possible recognition of this anticoagulant rodenticide – “Agricultural use banned in most countries of the world”, Accurate Canberra Times – The concentration of zinc phosphate in bait traditionally used in farms is also likely to double.

“Prometheus may poison other animals such as farms, livestock and dogs”, However, the Australian capital’s daily newspaper warns. An argument taken


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