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Australia, the paradise called Lord Howe

Australia, the paradise called Lord Howe

This crescent-shaped oasis in the state of New South Wales has just 375 inhabitants, many of whom are descendants of early settlers, just 11 kilometers long and 2.8 kilometers wide. There is only one street in the unique village of Lord Howe. No electrical connections, no network for tall buildings or cell phones and very little wifi. There are still some phone booths.

Experience the beautiful hike

As a result of volcanic activity seven million years ago, the island has a unique ecosystem, covered with lush forests with hiking trails. Walking or cycling is the best way to find this area which is protected as a marine and tropical park.

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Experienced guides at Mount Cover, a day hike at 875 meters above sea level. But many more accessible trails pass through subtropical forests.

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Very modest climbers will love the 3 hour ride on the Malabar mountain slopes. After passing through the magnificent forests of the Kenya palm trees, we reach the top of the mountain and the edge of a cliff that offers breathtaking views of the sea.

Also family friendly and cool walks can be done by cattle or by bike. The vast forest, home to more than 130 bird species, alternates with beaches with turquoise waters that are not far from the wild trails that cross the area.

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Beach activities around the pond

Surrounded by coral reefs on the southern tip of the planet, the island offers many activities for vacationers with its natural marine park. The 11 beaches bathed in clear water bring joy to those who are idle and those who walk on the white sand beaches.

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He conducts yoga classes with Canadian Nicole, who wakes up early in the morning and faces the woods around the pool and beach.

After this soothing session, you can go kayaking or paddling on the lake in shades of blue.

80 Rare and Preserved Coral Species There are over 500 species of brightly colored fish that diving enthusiasts can appreciate only a few depths from shore. Clubs also offer excursions to visitors to the beach, which is rich in colorful fish, turtles and small sharks. You can go around the island by boat, discover the rock of the Paul Pyramid or go fishing.

All of these activities will only be interrupted by grilled meats that you can cook yourself at a picnic ordered the day before from a caterer or one of the barbecues available to visitors on the beaches of the island. .

Accommodation and food at Lord Howe

Apart from refined hotels like Arajilla Retreat or a bed and breakfast, you can also rent one of the luxury villas on the island.

In a chic outfit, just 2 minutes from Lagoon Beach beach, the villas of Island House are planted amidst a forest of hundred-year-old palm trees and Kenyan palm trees. In addition to the ultra-equipped kitchen for preparing food, the house also offers an adventure room full of mountain bikes needed for training in diving equipment, boards and outdoor sports.

Host Timmy Maxwell will do his best to relax the audience in this elegant setting and will instruct them to share Atoll’s love stories and go to its secret places.

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Arajilla Retreat and Capella Lodge hotels offer catering to the general public 7 days a week, but only by booking.

Golf Sunset Bar & Grill.

At the foot of Mount Gowar, while enjoying a cocktail, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset at the sea and a beautiful golf course before eating.

Coral Cafe.

Located in the small museum of the island, this restaurant is only open for dinner. Co-ordinating the work of the local monthly “Signal” journalist and the work of the souvenir shop salesman on Sundays, the earthly Steve – who also serves as the restaurant’s Catholic church – visits the place. For the quality of its dishes and the extraordinary circumstances.

Other companies offer Table D’Hot style service at specific evenings.

You must book in advance for all of these restaurants, and telephone booths around the island allow you to come here and call restaurants for free.

Or sleep?

Island house

92 Anderson Road

Phone: +61 2 6563 2228

2 bedroom house rent 4500 1 for 1 night

Arajilla Retreat Hotel

Phone: +61 2 6563 2484

From 547

Where to eat?

Prepare for a picnic on a beach.

Love Lord Howe

Coral Cafe

Phone +61 2 6563 2488

Fish of the day 27

Golf Sunset Bar & Grill

To book a table call Brad 02 6563 2179

To do

Lord Howe Island Golf Club

9-hole course green 35



15 த்திற்கு for a general course

80 for an individual course

How to get there?

Qantas daily flights

14 kg for checked luggage and 4 kg for cabin luggage

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Sydney-Lord Howe Island Gift

Between 500 and 700

More info

Australian Tourism Board

New South Wales Office

Lord Howe Island Tourism Board