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Australia: Risking her life, she jumps from a running attraction

Amusement park in Australia

“I said to myself: either you jump or you die”

A 12-year-old girl on the drop tower jumped from a height of about 6 meters after her harness opened. She comes out with a broken leg.


Holly (here with her mom), who tested the attraction earlier in the day, knew her life was in danger.


It won’t be tomorrow before young Holly Brown goes back on the “Mega Drop.” On Saturday, May 13, in Kilcoy (Queensland), a 12-year-old girl and her friend Ava Snow wanted to once again experience the great thrills offered by this attraction as the “Biggest Traveling Free Fall Carousel”. The gondola lifts its occupants to a height of 30 meters and drops them at a speed of 200 km/h. Only two young women were on board when it began to climb.

The gondola lifts its occupants to a height of 30 meters and drops them at a speed of 200 km/h.


It was then that the safety system that held the passengers in the seat was activated. “At first I thought it was a joke. I realized it wasn’t,” says the teenager 9News. Having tested the “mega drop” earlier, the Australian was fully aware of the danger he was running into. “I was very scared, really, really scared,” he recalled. Holly was unable to reach the device which returned to its original state. Ava managed to grab her and pull her onto her shoulders, but the system didn’t lock.

Ava thought her lover was dead

The showman tried to lower the channel while the gondola was rising. But he fell about three meters. Frustrated, he yells at Holly and Ava to jump. “I’ve done this ride before, so I know what’s going to happen. I thought to myself: either I jump and break some bones or I go up and die. (…) So I jumped,” says the young woman, remembering her fall. did not take When Holly regained consciousness, she was lying on Ava’s mother’s lap in ‘excruciating pain’.

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“I would say she was six or seven meters away and the carousel was still going up when she jumped,” says Daniel Snow. Ava continued climbing until the showman finally reached the emergency stop button. “Ava thought Hallie was dead,” Daniel says. The teenager spent 15 endless minutes stuck on top of the vacuum while her mother screamed at her not to worry about her girlfriend. “She was in a complete panic,” the Australian recalled. Holly comes out with a broken leg: the lesser evil, she believes. But she, like her friend Ava and many other witnesses, remains deeply traumatized by the incident.

The carousel’s owner and operator declined to respond to requests from The Australian Press at this time.

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