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Australia reopens borders to foreign travelers

Australia reopens borders to foreign travelers

His son had not yet crossed the doors of the arrival hall of Sydney Airport, already a teardrop in the eyes of Clinis Nangaro. “He’s from Tokyo and I have not seen him in two years.” This mother of three children is blown away. “He was living in Japan when Australia decided to close its outer borders in March 2020. He may have returned earlier, but I do not want him to be locked up in a secluded hotel for fourteen days. I do not expect to lose him for so long.” On Monday, February 21, after twenty-three months of voluntary isolation, Australia finally reopened its doors to all travelers who had been double-vaccinated.

In the first 5,000 spectators, the visiting traction queue was greeted with applause, stuffed colas and free coffee. “Set the mood”, Tourists are rare and mostly Australians. They were the first to be recognized, 1Er November 2021Turned into a fort to cross the borders of the country. “I went to see my mother in Vietnam. She is very sick. Finally holding her in my arms was so flexible. Lynn Huin spent three weeks with her family.

Like a third of the Australian population, he was born overseas. If she supported the government’s decision to close the country’s doors to protect herself from the plague, she would have suffered from this long distance.

“Never cut off mine again”

For Lizzie Kivmi, a business student, the ordeal was so painful that she decided to live in Vanuatu, her hometown in the Melanesian archipelago. “It took the authorities twenty months to untie the ropes, and they allowed our parents to enter the country, and then international students. I do not want to be separated from my family anymore. “ She leaves the young woman waiting for her sister in the arms holding a large bouquet. He will leave with her in a month.

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A few steps away, Charmaine Nair, a New Zealander living in Australia, and Calvin Lawrence, an American from Washington, DC, are looking for someone to take their picture. “In front of the Sydney Airport logo”. The couple, who have been living apart for several months, still have trouble believing the reality of their reunion. “Until the end, I was scared that there would be a problem, especially with the Covit-19. I had to do a PCR test and two different types of antigen tests before I left. This whole experience was very stressful. Says the young man.

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