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Australia receives one more recovery from UNESCO

Australia receives one more recovery from UNESCO

The Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been protected since 1981. The scientific section of the UN body could not be clearer in its initial report released at the end of June and submitted to the twenty-one members of the panel for adoption on Friday 23 July. The current state of the coral ecosystem in Northeast Australia and its long-term outlook has deteriorated and the country, one of the underground and natural gas exporters – needs to do more to improve the quality of water around the country. According to this document based on scientific data provided by Australia, and to combat climate change.

However, The members of the World Heritage Committee did not choose this path, but decided on Friday … do not decide And to reconsider the situation in 2022. When the consensus was reached, they supported the amendment filed by Bahrain and were co-sponsored by other fossil fuel producing countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia. Big ban on the list of endangered sites.

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During the group’s online discussion, Chinese Deputy Minister of Education Tian Zhou, from Pujo, China, found that nineteen of the twenty – one members – including Hungary, Spain, Brazil, Nigeria, Oman, Bosnia – Herzegovina and Thailand – were among those who received UNESCO’s prestigious recognition. The country has taken to the ground to support this soft approach towards Australia.

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A stimulus to the scientific community

During the discussion, Norway attempted to downgrade the site: “Politics should not be given priority when there is a particular danger (R). The inscription on the endangered list is not a sentence, but an encouragement “, Revealed his representative. But Oslo eventually rallied to a consensus, negotiating with 1 to submit an updated report on Australia’s reef defense status.There is February 2022 – in just six months – for the board’s new election, its 45e The meeting will take place in 2022, a year earlier than Canberra expected.

The Australian government has received one more respite from escaping the site in 2015. Australian Environment Minister Susan Lay praised members’ support in a statement on Friday. “We are always concerned that UNESCO, without proper consultation, attempts to obtain immediate inscriptions on the list of endangered sites without face-to-face visits and without all the latest information. Australia but other countries.” She announced.

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