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Australia, preceded by the delta variation, fears it will sink for the first time

3:46 pm, August 5, 2021

While Sydney filed a new number of new cases on Thursday, Melbourne and Brisbane have been taking drastic measures to prevent Australia from escaping at the cost of the strategy most sought after by the Govt-19 All-Delta variant.

Record of pollution in Sydney. With 262 new cases registered on Thursday, Sydney is facing a new record of pollution since the outbreak began. Australia’s most populous city has also mourned the deaths of five people in the past 24 hours. None of them were fully vaccinated. Although these figures appear to be very low, they are of great concern in a country of their choice Zero Govt strategy And has recorded less than 1,000 deaths since the beginning of 2020. In 2021, no one from Govt-19 has died before July.

A prison that lasts. In Sydney, the pollution reached a record when the city was already limited to six weeks. On Monday, about 300 soldiers were parked in the streets to ensure compliance with the rules. In the state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, pollution has been recorded in other districts, leading authorities to extend geographical control measures. It all started with the unvaccinated driver, who looked after the flight crews and tested positive in mid-June. Since then, New South Wales has registered 4,319 cases purchased locally.

Melbourne and Brisbane are worried. On Thursday, Melbourne, the country’s second city, was redesigned for the sixth time, joining the state of Victoria. “It simply came to our notice then [d’autres] The alternative, the local governor lamented, is that Victoria estimates that the epidemic will not break quickly until it is vaccinated “by Christmas” or “80% of the population.” Locking has been decided.

Less vaccination. Australia is also facing a recession of its vaccine campaign. Of the 25 million people, only about 14% have received two vaccines. However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has set the vaccination rate at 80% of the eligible population before reopening the borders and avoiding possible control measures. The country faced two dangers:

  • Slow dose delivery. The government relied heavily on the Astrogeneca vaccine and the Australian vaccine, which did not pass the test phase. Australia’s astrogenic serum production is also very slow.
  • Also, many Australians have avoided AstraZeneca, which is now only recommended for people over 60, and the Pfizer vaccine is offered at all prices. But the supply is low due to low global stocks and delayed orders from the authorities.

Zero Govt limit? Since October, Australia has never faced a comparable epidemic. Faced with more infectious delta variation, the question arises as to the effectiveness of its zero covit strategy. So the next few weeks will be crucial for the country: they will say whether subsequent re-controls are enough to prevent a recurrence of the epidemic. In New York TimesCatherine Bennett, an epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne, predicts the end of this strategy. “We can control the situation at this time, but it will only get more and more difficult,” he explained a month ago.