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Australia loosens screw (slightly)

Australia loosens screw (slightly)

No exact date yet. This “In the coming weeks”, The Prime Minister said, vaccinated Australians and permanent residents can return home and go abroad.

However, this is the decision that Australians have been waiting for since March 20, 2020, when Australia introduced the world’s toughest border controls in response to the epidemic.

“What needs to change, Elise Locker, an adviser to French citizens living abroad in Sydney, testified. Vaccinated people will no longer be subject to reservations, and they will be able to carry out isolation at home, no longer at their expense, at the hotel.

Elise Locker in Sydney: "Admittedly, restrictions are being relaxed for Australians, permanent residents and their spouses, but we cannot talk about reopening" (Photo by Asika Wickramasinghe)

Isolation will be reduced from 14 to seven days. But the move only affects Australians and residents:

“This is not entirely applicable to tourists or young French students on a WHV, work holiday program, for example. We do not have a complete date for temporary visa holders.”

The decision follows Australia’s abandonment of the “zero cow” strategy, which is now being vaccinated with revenge, but most states have not recorded significant epidemics and need to shut down others from the country.

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