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Australia is sharply increasing greenhouse gas reduction targets

Australia is sharply increasing greenhouse gas reduction targets

Canberra has made it clear on its election platform that this target will be -26-28% to -43% by 2030.

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The new Australian Prime Minister announced on Thursday 16 June that he had officially written to the UN to announce a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions aims. Anthony Albanese confirms the change in his country’s climate policy. He noted that by 2030 this target will be -26-28% to -43%, which was promised in his election manifesto.

This ambitious goal “It prepares Australia for a prosperous future, a future driven by clean and cheap energy. ” Anthony Albanese loves his country “Use the Opportunity to Act on Climate Change”.

At the end of May, the Foreign Minister acknowledged that Australia had “Neglected his responsibility” In the past and did Canberra“Ignore” And the Pacific nations need to act on climate change. “We were selected for the emission reduction program [des gaz à effet de serre] 43% and neutral by 2030 [carbone] Achieved in 2050 “A member of the center-left government was added. “And these are not just words: we will incorporate it into the law and very soon submit a new contribution at the national level. [Convention cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques]She had promised.