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Australia is ready to make more efforts to combat the invasion of rats - Oyster-France evening edition

Australia is ready to make more efforts to combat the invasion of rats – Oyster-France evening edition

Invasion of storage barns, fields, homes, and rats destroyed crops in New South Wales, Australia, for weeks. The government authorizes the use of powerful pesticides to eliminate these undesirable rodents.

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Farmers in the Australian state of New South Wales mentioned a “Spectacular Rise” Mouse. The small rodents gather in grain pits, barns and homes, according to the local farmers’ association.

Many videos show thousands of rats weaving through pits, tubes, machines …

Heavy rain

Experts say the invasion was caused by unusually heavy summer rains in eastern Australia after years of drought. The proliferation of rodents endangers the crops of farmers in the affected areas, but also the population.

Businesses are also affected by the “invader.” According to the channel ABC Sydney, A grocery store in a small town north of Sydney is estimated to have caught up to 600 rats a night! In some hotels their rooms were found to be infested with rodents, and three people were admitted to hospital after being bitten.

Carriers of the disease

In addition to the obvious harm to locals and farmers, these mice can be carriers of the disease, leading to worse fears. The Queensland Government Report in 1998 stated: “Salmonella bacteria can be the most common pathogens that can be spread by a variety of animal species, including humans. The bacteria usually spread to humans through food contaminated with infected urine or feces, and can cause severe gastroenteritis.”

So this agrarian crisis will turn into a health crisis if the authorities do not act quickly. So the farmers took the lead and demanded permission to use zinc phosphide pesticide to get rid of this unwanted population as soon as possible.

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“It simply came to our notice then. James Jackson, President of New South Wales Farmers, laments Canberra Times . The fight against rats was very costly. The severity of this plague has necessitated the use of multiple stimuli in agricultural areas. “

Pesticides as a solution?

So the New South Wales Minister of Agriculture has decided to use heavy resources. He did A request “Emergency Authorization” Australian National Institute for Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines for the use of the toxin “Promadolone” on farms. The project will cost A $ 50 million and will be able to quickly exterminate these mice, which will accumulate and reproduce at high speeds.

This kind of product “It is banned for agricultural use in most countries of the world. Says a farmer in an Australian newspaper. This product can poison other animals such as farms, livestock and dogs. ” But there is urgency and great solutions with big disadvantages …