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“Australia incorporates its submarines with modernity.

“Australia incorporates its submarines with modernity.

Chronic. If even in between “Friends”, At least in between “Partners” … Sudden cessation of plans to supply 12 assault submarines to Canberra Naval team The security establishment and other strategic sectors were brutally confirmed to have never relied on political forces and uncertainties beyond them. Between 1990 and 2000, after the fall of the Soviet Empire and the inevitable rise of China, in the midst of a single polar world dominated by the United States, some analysts promised that the geopolitical economy would become a geopolitical priority.

This new era, the expert in Edward Ludwag strategy summed it up American dream in danger (Odil Jacob, 1995): “With the peace of international trade, military threats and alliances have lost their relevance.” Conflicts are not going away, of course; At the very least weapons are no longer dangerous: technical robbery and improper government assistance, customs duties and sanctions. While waiting for massive cyber attacks. The convincing qualities of soft trading are illusory. Coalitions have regained all their importance and geopolitics and all its rights – among allies.

Rather than industrial failures, the Navy Group suffered from the Accus Agreement (Australia, United Kingdom, USA). Its CEO, Pierre Eric Pommellet, rejected any deviation from the schedule and costs. Like the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, the government confirmed the first phase of the project (2016-2021) just hours before the thunderstorm. However, it did not explode in the clear sky. The warnings escalated for up to five years, until Greg Moriarty, number two of the defense, was publicly mentioned in June. “Change” In the French project.

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Absence of political lobby

It is difficult to find a plan B that is jealously protected over the three states involved. France, which does not want to be tapped by allied leaders, exerts its control there; But less active economic intelligence than the Anglo-Saxons; Philip Gomez, deputy chairman of the France-Australia Friendship Group (UDI) in the National Assembly, agrees, as there is no political lobby with the show. On the island-continent, these shortcomings are so acute that security officials, members of parliament and the media have been so hostile to France’s choice from the beginning.

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