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Australia: Historic referendum to give ‘voice’ to Aboriginal people

Voters will be invited to vote for or against the constitutional amendment next October to December. To recognize the original people of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice.

If Yes In practice, a consultative body would be established representing approximately 900,000 Aboriginal people out of Australia’s approximately 26 million people.

For many [Aborigènes], this moment has been waiting for a long time. Nevertheless, they have shown patience and faith throughout the process. »

A quote Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia

about this How our nation sees itself. It’s about whether we have the confidence to own our storyLabor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese gave an emotional press conference and called on voters to back the change.

Elected members of the committee are merely consultative and do not have the right to vote on legislation.

Australia’s original people were marginalized during British colonialism. They are not mentioned in the 122-year-old constitution, and they won the right to vote only in the 1960s.

These minorities struggle with extremely difficult living conditions, limited access to healthcare and education, low life expectancy and low wages.

Uncertain support

In this case Mr. Albanian political leadership is at stake. The government will introduce the bill next week and hopes to have it passed by parliament by the end of June. Any constitutional change requires a national referendum.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said the government had yet to answer his questions about how the advisory committee would be set up. He said more details are needed.

We will decide in due course whether to support or oppose the “Voice”.he told reporters.

The Greens and some independent lawmakers have already come out in support of the bill, while the National Party, which is supported by rural voters, has decided not to support the government.

Polls suggest around 60% of Australians support constitutional change.

Since Australia’s independence in 1901, 44 constitutional amendment proposals have been tabled in 19 referendums and only 8 have been approved.

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