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Australia has a curfew for cats

Some Australian municipalities impose curfews and impose an obligation to walk on a curb.

Our much-loved cats are responsible for the extinction of some species in Australia. In fact, according to Australian National University ecologist Sarah Legge, 340 million wild animals die from pet cats. If a cat only brings back 20% of the animals it kills, it is estimated that 186 prey are killed per cat per year. In a year, an Australian cat hunts about 790 animals. The five million domestic cats and two million wild cats in the country, even the kangaroo rat or the pig-legged bandicoot, have disappeared.

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Cats walked on a tightrope

In an effort to protect native wildlife, many Australian cities have implemented new cat-specific regulations. In the capital Canberra, cats must be kept on a leash in public places. Curfew has been imposed in other areas as well. Failure to follow these rules may result in owners being fined or having their hairball confiscated. Wildlife scientists want these rules to be enforced across the country.

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