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Australia Fan of Bitcoin ATMs – Crypto ATMs on Every Corner?

Directly opposite to United KingdomFinancial Conduct Authority (FCA) Little Bitcoin monitors ATMs -, i’Australia Augmenting vending machines Bitcoin (BTC). There will also be more currency exchange machines in the south than all of Asia ! A little zoom on the crypto ATMs in the land of kangaroos.

Australia Approaches 400 Bitcoin ATMs

website Coin ATM Radar A veritable statistics bible Bitcoin Vending Machines and other cryptocurrencies. If we can see it America Being the country with most ATMs in the world – with the top 29,000 Machines -, i’Australia It manages to hold its own compared to many other regions.

as reports Including Cointelegraph, TheAustralia Actually there is The third most prosperous country in ATM Bitcoin, after the United States, and Canada (second). A former British colony would be like this 381 distributors Cryptocurrencies are mainly distributed in its coastal cities.

And not surprisingly, they are the two largest Australian cities by population. Melbourne And SydneyA lot of attention is paid to each of these transfer engines Almost a hundred ATM cryptos.

Crypto ATMs are mushrooming along Australia’s beaches. – Source:

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More ATM BTC in Oceania than all of Asia!

However Population report Favoring this second geographic region (albeit only with China and India) between Oceania and Asia, Australia alone already has more ATMs.

In fact, millions of people living in the Asian continent have to be satisfied 356 distributors Automated cryptocurrency machines (vs. 381 in Australia). Again, not far from half of them – Roughly 150 – are concentrated on a small island Hong Kong.

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After France Unfortunately there is nothing to criticize in the field. In fact, its nearly 70 million people to share 10 Unfortunate ATM Cryptos6 of which are in Paris.

So France almost A desert In this respect, it pleases our Spanish neighbors 280 distributors Bitcoins in their territory. Spain 4 tooe the world In this regard, it stole third place from October 2022 to date, precisely behind Australia.

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