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Australia condemns 'unequal and disruptive' Chinese exercises around Taiwan

Australia condemns ‘unequal and disruptive’ Chinese exercises around Taiwan

Australia shares regional concernsBenny Wong said. Johannes B. Christo/AFP

The Military exercises “All of Taiwan was held by China from Thursday.”disproportionate and destabilizing“, condemned Australian Foreign Minister Benny Wong on Friday August 5.

Australia is deeply concerned about China launching missiles in the waters off the coast of Taiwan.Penny Wong said in a press release.Australia shares the region’s concerns about this escalation of military activity and particularly the risk of miscalculation“, she said before adding:”We call for moderation and moderation“.

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She said it was her country.”Taiwan does not want any change in the status quo in the StraitsAnd, like the United States and most countries, Beijing only recognizes one Chinese government. The minister is currently in Phnom Penh to attend the East Asian Nations Summit.

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