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Australia-China ties at ‘potential turning point’

“Benny Wong’s already eventful first year as foreign secretary ends not with a wet cracker explosion, but with fireworks.” to write Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) Ahead of the Australian diplomatic chief’s visit to China. A visit organized on the occasion of the 50th anniversarye December 21, 1972 marks the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canberra and Beijing.

It has been four years since an Australian foreign minister was invited to Beijing. Against the background of growing rivalries in the Pacific, illustrated among other things by the signing of the Agus alliance in September 2021, relations between the two countries have been tense in recent years, with Chinese authorities not hesitating to impose a number of sanctions. Canberra. As much as the Sydney Gazette would like to see on this trip “A potential breakthrough”, “the latest sign that diplomatic relations between Australia and China are beginning to thaw”.

“A New Level of Importance”

On Wednesday, December 21, Penny Wong’s meeting with Chinese representative Wang Yi, “It will mark the latest step in the Anthony Albanese government’s efforts to stabilize relations with a major trading partner,” Lift him up SMH. Gone are the days when Chinese officials would not even answer phone calls from Australian ministers, the newspaper added.

Australian Minister has met Wang Yi twice In May, Labor returned to powerBut each time on the sidelines of international summits (in Bali and New York).

“An official bilateral meeting on Chinese soil raises their engagement to a new level.”

It could also be a precursor to the Australian Prime Minister’s visit to China in 2023. Sydney Morning Herald. Anthony Albanese had already spoken with President Xi Jinping for half an hour On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali in November.

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