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Australia beat the Pumas after one final

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After a first act marked mainly by Australian indiscipline, the Pumas returned to the locker room with a 19 to 10 lead.

The start of the second game was marked by an injury to Australian fly-half Quade Cooper after a crucial play in Argentina’s 22m.

After a few minutes of layoff following this injury, the Wallabies will be back in top form. After a touch, a carry ball is formed. Argentina are the latter to finish in-goal. Fraser McGreide slipped out and dived to score his side’s second try. Hodge replaces. The Australians are two small points behind.

In the 56th minute, the Pumas would react and score a brilliant try after an 80m counter. Led by Mallya early on, Pinots served Matera, who had to settle for Gonzalez Samso who swung to register his effort. Boffelli conversion: 26 to 17 for Argentina.

After 6 minutes, an Australian carries the ball and the Pumas once again clumsily collapse it. CONSUMPTION IMMEDIATE: PENALTY TRY. A double penalty for Michal Cheika’s men with 26 to 24 over and a yellow card for Alemanno.

Faults are connected on both sides. After Argentina are offside, Hodge takes the option of three points. Don’t tremble. And for the first time in the meeting, his family allowed him to pass ahead of the score: 27 to 26.

In the 70th minute, the Pumas’ defense cracked again as the Wallabies came within meters of the goal. Hooker Fainga comes to confirm this Australian highlight. It’s converted: 34 to 26. The Wallabies break away.

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In the 85th, after a maddening line-up and a suspenseful end, the Australians would recover the ball in the Argentine 40m, kicking it all the way to Igitau who would go on to score a bonus try for the Wallabies. It was changed once again: 41 to 26. That would be the final score.

A yellow card and a penalty try turned the game in the Australians’ favour. Trailing by 9 points 20 minutes from the end of the game, the latter got the better of the game. Dave Rennie’s men are top of the four-nation rankings!


Australia beat Argentina in this second match of the first day of the Rugby Championship. A yellow card and a penalty try would have made the difference in this crowd with so much disarray.