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Australia accuses China of bribing to fulfill international agreements

Australia accuses China of bribing to fulfill international agreements

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton on Sunday (April 24) accused China of bribing him to win international agreements, but refused to acknowledge that corruption played a role in the controversial defense deal recently signed between Beijing and the Solomon Islands.

The Chinese do not play by our rules“Mr. Dutton told Sky News Australia.”If you look at what has happened in Africa, there have been corruption scandalsHe continued. We can never compete with this kind of practice. We have values, we have the rule of law and we respect them.

“China has changed”

The reality is that China has changed, The Minister continued. “China’s incredibly aggressive foreign interventions, its willingness to bribe other countries to sign agreements: this is the reality of modern China“.

Asked if China thinks it has done the same with the Solomon Islands, which announced a vague security deal with Beijing last week, Mr Dutton declined to comment. The agreement has rekindled fears of Australia’s neighbor and archipelago ally, but the United States.

Canberra and Washington have long been concerned about the possibility of building a naval base in China’s South Pacific, allowing its naval power to extend far beyond its borders. The Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Manasseh Chowdhury, has repeatedly said that there will be no Chinese military base in his country, without convincing the United States.Will respond accordinglyIf he does not fulfill that promise.

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