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Australia: A coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef

Australia: A coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef

According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, parts are located North and at Center This vast site, listed as a UNESCO heritage site, was registered last year Significant increase in coral coverfor that For the first time in 36 years, the date on which monitoring was implemented. Scientists responsible for 87 sites say the rock has experienced an experience Recovers faster than expected Special thanks Rapid growth of species coralsAcroporaIt contributes to the formation of coral reefs.

These results demonstrate that the reef can still recover during periods without severe disturbance.Paul Hardisty said.

But far from declaring victory, the director-general of the Australian Institute of Marine Science is counting on cyclones, bleaching episodes and the emergence of coral-eating starfish. This progress can easily be put to an end. Hence the area South The reef, which was in good shape a year ago, is in decline again. “This shows how vulnerable the reef is to frequent and long-lasting severe and severe disturbances“, he declared.

Coral reef has been reached 36% At sites monitored on the northern side of the cliffs vs 27% by 2021. Statistics in the south are less encouraging. In the central region, the increase is less significant and in the south their numbers are decreasing.

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