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Australia: 3rd country in Bloomberg rankings

By Benjamin Voland | On 06/01/2021 at 9:01 pm | Updated on 06/01/2021 at 21:19

The American News Agency recently published its report on the countries with the best regression to the cove. In the first three places, two Oceanian countries.

After passing Singapore, The New Zealand Has regained its leadership position and is at the forefront of positions. With an index of 80.8, it has a presence Singapore 79.4 and Australia At 79.1.

Bloomberg Rankings

This table is based on a number of criteria to determine which countries are most effective at fighting the Govt-19 epidemic. Therefore, thanks to the mortality rate, positive tests and vaccination, it closely follows the evolution of the global health situation.

Australia is stagnant

In 3rd place, Australia It is one of the few countries that did not get or lost a place. Blame it on the slow vaccine, which has been harshly criticized by the government’s opponents Morrison.

Today, only 3.7 million doses are given to a country of 25 million people. However, it maintains a relatively low mortality rate with fewer than 30,000 deaths since the onset of the epidemic.

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