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Audrey Luiz Might Not Be in the Star Académie Grand Final: Here's Why

Audrey Luiz Might Not Be in the Star Académie Grand Final: Here’s Why

This Tuesday, produced by star Academy Sad news was announced that broke the hearts of many viewers.

We can read this on Facebook: As some of you have witnessed on our 24/7 cameras, Audrey Louise, Jeremy, Edward and Gayle unfortunately were unable to join our other academics today due to COVID-19. Their attendance at the Graduation Ceremony and Variety on Sunday will be evaluated according to the rules that apply to each of their situations. »

Depending on whether they have had the virus and the length of time they have tested positive for the virus, they may not be around next Sunday.

Since government rules allow partial reintegration into the environment after 5 days of contamination, we might as well see them separate, like Olivier two weeks ago. You must continue!

We still don’t know the full lineup for the season finale, but we do know we’ll get a number tailored with the finalists’ musical preferences and a visit from the Salebarbes group.

Remember that, last Sunday, Kristel missed the lyrics to Zachary Richard’s song, but he recovered so impressively, that we saw nothing but fire! More details here.

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