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Un faon photographié en France

Audio notation. Science VI, Episode 88: Reviving France 88. Re

You will undoubtedly notice that farmland is shrinking, forest is gaining land and animals are teeming with new species. But some want to go further and create vast areas for the reproduction of herbivores such as bison.

Long active rewinding techniques, now more passive

In this 88th episode of Sixth Science, the science podcast of Science and the future And the 20 minuteswe explain all the so-called rewinding techniques, active for a long time and now more passive, today under study in France. At the microphone, Loïc Chauveau, environmental journalist at Science and the future Answers questions from Romain Gouloumès from 20 minutes.

It all starts with a definition problem because what word should be used to properly define the natural evolution of nature? If Anglican ‘reenauvagement’ can be translated literally as réenauvagement, naturalists fear the use of the word ‘wild’ which rarely has positive connotations in French. Loïc Chauveau has already gone to Drôme with the association Rebuilding who advocates allowing natural spaces to develop freely, without human intervention and who soon plans to reproduce bison in vast areas suitable for herbivores.

Recreation of primary forests

Others, such as Francis Hull, the famous biologist who designed the “set of peaks” that allowed exploration of the forest canopy without causing damage, and plans to recreate primary forests, i.e. never exploited by humans. “The time required for it to fully develop into a closed canopy is 800 years, The biologist determines that Loïc Shufu met, A project of this scale can only be cross-border.”. Two possibilities are being studied: the Ardennes with Wallonia on the one hand, and the Northern Vosges with the Rhineland-Palatinate on the other.

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While waiting to walk there, you can read the whole topic in the article”Wildlands: Nature restores France”. And also access to archives Sixth science And sign up for free Apple Podcast.