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Audio notation.  Audio notation.  How science speaks to us (1/5)

Audio notation. Audio notation. How science speaks to us (1/5)

The scientific community. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the general public has heard this expression over and over again. A pledge of credibility and seriousness to justify such and such a public decision on the one hand, and acceptance on the other. But – because there is a “but” – this same scientific community is not immune to the generalized distrust that affects all institutions.

How can we strengthen ties and renew the dialogue between science and society? How can scientists talk to the general public and above all, how can they be understood? Are there new ways to transfer knowledge? This is the topic of the first episode of the podcast series “La fabrique du savoir”, produced in partnership with‘Espace Mendès France in Poitiers.’

To talk about it, Dennis Savoy, an astronomer, specializing in the history of science, is currently a science advisor at UniverseCecil Michot, science journalist, author Popularization of science and instructions for useAnd and Marc Baccalin, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Poitiers, Head of the Department of Geriatrics at CHU de Poitiers and member of the Health Information Center (Partnership has been going on since 1993 between CHU de Poitiers and Espace Mendès-France).

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Episode written, hosted and co-produced by Josefa Lopez the scientist. Director: Eyeshot. Graphic Identity: Melina Zarbib. Partnership: Sonia Junio, Victoire Bonin. Partner: Espace Mendès France.