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Attack on Capitol Hill: A fierce critic of Trump will sit on an investigative committee لجنة

Attack on Capitol Hill: A fierce critic of Trump will sit on an investigative committee لجنة

Democrats on Thursday appointed a highly critical Republican of Donald Trump to participate in a commission of inquiry into the criminal attack on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 by supporters of the former U.S. president.

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House-elect Liz Cheney, who was recently ousted from the Republican hierarchy for loudly accusing the billionaire of instigating the attack on Capitol Hill, said she was “honoured.”

“Those responsible for this attack must be held accountable and this special commission will respond to this responsibility in a professional, prompt and impartial manner,” she said in a statement.

Liz Cheney was one of only 211 Republicans who voted in the House on Wednesday to form this special committee.

With the power to call witnesses and demand documents, this committee was approved by 220 House Democrats, after Republicans prevented Congress from forming a more independent investigation.

The latter claimed that the already ongoing parliamentary investigations and police work were sufficient. At least 500 people have been charged in this case.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also appointed Democrat Penny Thompson to head the special committee. The latter had filed a civil complaint in February against Donald Trump for his role in the fatal assault.

In total, thirteen parliamentarians, including seven Democrats, will sit on it. Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy will be able to nominate six Republicans, but he has not yet decided whether to do so.

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Nancy Pelosi promised that the committee would “find out the truth” about the attack by pro-Trump protesters when parliamentarians met to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the November 2020 presidential election.

Its conclusions could be revealed in 2022, in the midst of the parliamentary and local midterm elections campaign.