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ATP: Nick Kyrgios calls for cancellation of Australian Open, then changes his mind

SYDNEY, Australia – Nick Kyrgios on Tuesday sought to clarify his thinking in a stern response to Australian authorities calling for the cancellation of the Australian Open tennis.

The host, who has served 260 days in prison since the outbreak began, caused a stir in the Volcanic Australian mornings by believing that the planned Grand Slam tournament in January should not be held in honor of Melbourne residents. They are still struggling to control the virus.

“How long has it been (Melbourne) locked up? 275 days or something like that? He asked in his podcast, there are no boundaries.

The Minister of Sports of the State of Victoria, Melbourne, responded that Kyrgios’ “could not follow logic by itself.”

“We ‘ve been locked out for a long time, so shouldn’t the Australian Open happen?” I didn’t know I was following well. I think the opposite is true, ”he told reporters.

“The people of Melbourne, Victoria and apparently all Australians are absolutely hungry for big events,” he explained. “It’s necessary for our economy, it is necessary for the morale of our state.”

A few hours later, the tennis player returned to his words in a video posted on Instagram.

“Saying I want to cancel the Australian Open is a contextual statement. This is for the people of Melbourne who know hell, ”he said.

“275, I think you were imprisoned for almost 300 days and your freedom was taken away from you. “

The tournament was held this year, but players were subjected to two weeks of hotel isolation, public attendance was low and a five-day lockout was put in place in the middle of the tournament.

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Organizers are hopeful that the 2022 edition will take place so that fully vaccinated players can enter the territory without isolation or health bubble.

Roland-Garros, “Worst Grand Slam”

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has warned that non – vaccinated players will not be exempted, and has denied any involvement in the involvement of nine – time Melbourne champion Novak Djokovic.

Kyrgios had a close relationship with the world number one, calling him “Moran” after his plea to ease the players’ isolation at the last Australian Open.

The Australian now defends Djokovic’s right to compete, alongside American basketball player Kyrie Irving, who missed the start of the NBA season because he refused to be vaccinated further, whether he was immune or not.

“Kairi, Novak, they gave a lot, they sacrificed. They are the world’s most watched athletes by millions, ”said Kirgios, who dropped to 90th on the ATP rankings.

“Morally, I think it’s wrong to force vaccination.”

“I do not think it is fair to force someone (to be vaccinated) and say ‘you can not come here and play because you are not vaccinated’,” he added. “There are other solutions, (like) being tested every day.”

“The Australian Open is my favorite Grand Slam. The pressure from the local crowd was different,” he added. “Roland-Garros should be completely removed from the calendar. That’s too bad.”